MKL Crimedesk | OPS Gempur Warga Asing Port Klang

23 Oktober 2015 - Pelabuhan Klang, Selangor. Pelabuhan Klang adalah antara lokasi tumpuan warga asing yang didakwa kesahihan status dokumen perjalanan mereka diragui. Tindakan majikan yang masih lagi berdegil mengupah pendatang asing tanpa izin ini bukan saja mengundang masalah sosial malah merugikan negara. 

Rentetan itu, operasi besar-besaran menggempur pelabuhan itu dilakukan Imigresen Putrajaya malam tadi. Hasilnya lebih 250 pendatang haram ditangkap kerana melakukan pelbagai kesalahan di Taman Industri Pulau Indah, Klang.
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  2. As a Malaysian Citizen i would like to report o the Police & Immigration to go to all these places where many foreigners stays & working without any proper work permit, doing illegal work & a lot more. Below is the places name.

    Jalan Sungai Besi Area the whole block & floor have foreigner living..

    Sri Bandar Besi Apartment
    Sri Mutiara Condominium
    PPR Sri Alam

    Jalan Pudu near to Pasar

    Taman Sungai Besi behind KFC the old Apartment.

    Cheras Area
    Venice Hill Condominium

    Taming Jaya, Balakong
    Juta Mines Condominium is full with foreigners
    24 Hour RP Budget Inn at Jalan Taming Permai do Prostitution with all the foreigner.

    Bandar Sunway Opposite of Sunway Pyramid has many condominium that stay many foreigners..

    I hope the authorities will take action on all these places that i have wrote it..

    Thank you..

  3. Dear MKL Crimedesk
    Thru: Immigration Authorities of Malaysia
    Malaysia is a livable place and suddenly became an epicenter of scammers. Most of them are Nigerians fooled into going the wrong way in life who brought shame on Africa. Cheras is like “Little Nigeria” nowadays; they lived in Venice Hill Condominium and Langat Jaya Condominium and very lax roaming around driving smuggled cars with stolen registered plate numbers from other cars. During nighttime, you can see Nigerians scattered in the streets of Cheras especially in Tea Chinese Restaurants, drinking and making loud noise. These Nigerians doing fraudulent activities don’t have proper papers or passport/visa. They usually gathered every Sunday in Faith Covenant Church located at Jalan Alam Jaya Batu 11, Cheras, 90% of these Nigerians don’t have papers or passport/visa, the government didn’t take any action on this major problem of our country. There are many victims of these Nigerians all over the world.

    I hope the concerned agency; the Immigration of Malaysia through the help of Media people to please take appropriate action on this major problem of our country and strict implementation of immigration law.

    Thank you.


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